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Stygvir Carmine Machine in an upright position with the door closed




Stygvir Carmine

Laser marking, engraving and micromachining are now more approachable than ever. With its meticulous design, superior functionality, and shocking speed, Carmine is an uncompromising upgrade to your workflow.

It features our hybrid touch-enabled software system that shifts your team’s productivity into high gear.

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Three tiles cut in half
Three tiles cut in half

Cut with unparalleled precision

Raising the bar for thin metal cutting. From 0.1 to 3 mm, Carmine carves out details like no other. Our unique approach to workpiece temperature management eliminates material distortion. The results exceed the strictest of standards.

A Tile that is marked with three rectangles
A Tile that is marked with three rectangles

Make your mark

Carmine creates permanent, high-contrast and precise markings without surface penetration. Achieved using state-of-the-art fiber laser technology, the speed and quality are superior to traditional methods.

A tile engraved with a delicate pattern
A tile engraved with a delicate pattern

Engrave with confidence

Laser technology enables impressive engraving jobs.
Produce abrasion-resistant industrial part markings or intricate 3D reliefs up to x4 times faster than with traditional CNC milling and engraving.


Do what others cannot

Laser technology uniquely enables processes unachievable by other means. Mark materials without surface penetration, create deep engravings, and cut thin metals with incredible results.

Various martials written out including gold, stainless steel, Iron, and Carbon steel

Works with anything you do

Metals, polymers, and many other materials.

Direct Part Marking

High-contrast marking right on your workpiece. No additives, no adhesives.

Designed for longevity

Over 10 years of reliable operation.

Low downtime

Few moving parts and contact-free processing means minimal maintenance.

Light and portable

Coming in at 81×56×83 cm and just 65 kg.
Carmine feels at home in any environment.

Affordable operation

High energy efficiency and no consumables. The most cost-effective operation possible.

See Carmine in action today.

Book a personal walkthrough and participate in a live demo.

Supercharge your production

Carmine unlocks production speed you didn’t think was possible. Powerful, yet simple to use, it quickens your workflow, no matter if you do a single workpiece or large batches.

The interface of the Carmine machine

Easy to learn, easy to master

Carmine does not require special training and can be mastered within days.

Up and running in no time

Ready for production upon delivery, with no configuration needed.
Our laser experts will help you get started.

Blazingly fast

Marking done in seconds, engraving and cutting – in mere minutes.
Try and keep up.

Automation Accessories Port


From simple inline automation to advanced process integrations, Carmine’s hardware and software are ready to roll.

Effortless workholding

No physical milling bits, no workholding headaches.
Material prep up to 5x faster.

Make it yours

How it looks and how it works – we will help you find the right machine configuration.

Why Carmine?


We've designed Carmine from the ground up to be appreciated by professionals, and approachable by newcomers.
The workstation's construction enables effortless everyday use. Its software makes challenging jobs pleasant.

Design in details

It’s not just good looks. Carmine is full of delightful details that help you be more productive.

Carmine laser in action

Laser power for any application

From 20 to 100 W, it’s more than enough for anything you throw at it.

Carmine HMI showcasing the controls

Next-gen software

Touch-enabled, it strikes the right balance between approachable and powerful.

Cross-platform control software

Works with Windows, Mac or Linux.

A multi-level object being worked on by the Carmine machine

Advanced focus control

Process different parts at different heights. Effortlessly.

Carmine workbed

Large work area

For larger workpieces and operator comfort.

Carmine lid shut and secure

Safe and secure

Carmine satisfies the most rigorous safety standards, permitting use without protective eyewear.

Carmine air and gas pipes/nozzels

Air and shielding gas

Improve workpiece cooling with extra airflow, or eliminate oxidation with shielding gases.

Accessories for the Carmine machine including, lenses, Rotary Mini, and Rotary Pro


Remarkable add-ons that punch way above their weight.

Get started
in minutes

Machine setup requires no special expertise, and only takes a few moments.

You won't find yourself buried in the manual.

Carmine Rotary Mini Accessory


Designed to be modular and customizable, Carmine is capable of a lot more with the right add-ons.
Pick and choose among our top of the line accessories, to tailor Carmine into exactly the machine you need.

The carmine dust extractor

Dust extractor

Removes harmful airborne particles emitted during laser processing. Automatically syncs with Carmine for operator convenience and safety.

Carmine Rotary Mini Accessory

Rotary Mini

Mark and engrave rings, bangles, and other light cylindrical items. Its unique double-action trigger mechanism enables tool-free workpiece clamping.

Carmine Rotary Pro Accessory

Rotary Pro

For marking and engraving larger and heavier cylindrical workpieces. Comes with an innovative tool-free clamping mechanism and an optional tailstock.

Icewind temperature management unit

Cut thin metals with absolutely no distortion. A truly dramatic improvement
to any metal workpieces <2 mm thick.

Camera positioning system

Precisely position designs on workpieces and monitor your jobs live.

Carmine door in the middle of opening

Motorized door

The three-sided door opens and closes automatically with each job cycle.

Carmine Lenses

Replaceable Lenses

Easily swap optics to prioritize a larger field size or a higher detailed designs.

Carmine fixtures and specialty workholdings

Fixtures and specialty workholding

Position even the most challenging workpieces with confidence.

Custom Production

Custom features and accessories

Our team can accommodate your requests and special business hardware and software requirements.

An afterglow, not an afterthought

You'd be surprised how much more
Carmine can do with our meticulously designed accessories.

Back of the Carmine machine, showing ports


Laser Sources

Optical Power


Beam quality (M²)

Focus finder laser pointer

Cooling method


1064 nm

20 W

Yb-doped MOPA fiber source

2 - 350 ns

1 - 4000 KHz

< 1.4

Class 2

635 nm

Forced air


1064 nm

30 W

Yb-doped MOPA fiber source

2 - 350 ns

1 - 4000 KHz

< 1.4

Class 2

635 nm

Forced air


1064 nm

60 W

Yb-doped MOPA fiber source

2 - 500 ns

1 - 4000 KHz

< 1.5

Class 2

635 nm

Forced air


1064 nm

80 W

Yb-doped MOPA fiber source

2 - 500 ns

1 - 4000 KHz

< 1.6

Class 2

635 nm

Forced air


1064 nm

100 W

Yb-doped MOPA fiber source

2 - 500 ns

1 - 4000 KHz

< 1.6

Class 2

635 nm

Forced air


Lens type

Scanning field area

Maximum workpiece height


F-theta standard

Fused silica scanning lens

50×50 mm

390 mm


F-theta standard

Fused silica scanning lens

70×70 mm

390 mm


F-theta standard

Fused silica scanning lens

112×112 mm

330 mm


F-theta standard

Fused silica scanning lens

150×150 mm

280 mm


F-theta standard

Fused silica scanning lens

175×175 mm

236 mm


F-theta standard

Fused silica scanning lens

220×220 mm

160 mm


F-theta standard

Fused silica scanning lens

300×300 mm

70 mm

System Specifications


(Length × Width × Height)

72 × 75 × 84 cm

125 cm tall with the door open.


65 to 95 kg

Laser focus control

Automatic and programmable

Supports unlimited user-defined presets.

Software compatibility

Windows, macOS and Linux

Data ports

TIA-232 (accessory connection), USB-C (computer connection), USB-A (diagnostics)

Gas ports

Fume extraction outlet, compressed air inlet, shielding gas inlet

Effortless clamp-free attachment system.

Included accessories

Operator keys (×2), IEC C13 power cable, USB-C data cable, USB drive with details

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